Friday, February 26, 2010

Supra Baby Skytops!

Suprafootwear is getting ready to deliver (no pun intended) Baby Skytops to condition SupraHeads at an early stage of life - At Birth.

The Baby Skytops are present here in the Black,Gold/Silver and White Colorways.

Makes you want to have some kids right? (Well just for a second)

Get yours soon!
Supra Baby Skytops

Supra Strapped NS Aoki 2 ii's are here!

The new Supra Strapped NS AOKI 2's are here to much anticipation and the pictures look even better. We've been waiting for these for several months as we had seen leaked teaser pics.

Suprafootwear delivers again with clean silhoette design, premium materials and a good upgrade to the original Supra Strapped NS Aokis.

Props to Factory413 and DJ Steve Aoki!

Check out the Acid Wash Supra NS Steve Aoki 2's and join the discussion and see more pictures: Steve Aoki NS 2 ii strapped acid wash

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Supra Cuttler and Assault Coming Soon!

More pics on the Supra Cuttler and Assault have been released.

Tell us your opinions on a new groundbreaking style!

Supra Cuttler

Monday, February 22, 2010

Custom SupraPimp Comakazi Pendant Necklace

Now special order and available.

SupraPimp has released a set of limited edition Custom Pendant Skytop Laces each intricately painted.

Check out some of the pics:

Supra Comakazi Pendant necklace

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6pm Supra Shoe Sale!!!!!!!!!!

I'm inviting every Supra head who's always wanted to cop a lot of Supras but didn't want to spend over $100 per shoe.

Check out with all their wonderful selection of Supra Shoes and Apparel at stunning slashed prices.

This outlet is related to and has just about every other brand on the planet. Shipping is dirt cheap and all Supra shoes and apparel is 100% authenthic.

Buy at!

Any questions? Hit us up in the forums.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring 2010 Supra Releases

Suprafootwear is getting started with prime releases of the White Skytop Peforated TUFS, the Red Tye Dye Skytops and the Blue/Green Crackled TKs.

These are now available at

Supra Spring 2010 Acid Wash Tye Dye, TUF White Skytop 2, TK Crackle 
 Supra Spring 2010 Acid Wash Tye Dye, TUF White Skytop 2, TK Crackle

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olga Kay Rocking Suprafootwear Magenta Tigers Suprapimps!

Olga Kay has the internet by the ballz and is now rocking Supra.

Go subscribe to her youtube channel:

I'm trying to convince her to do a SupraPimps exclusive. J/K

Olga Kay Magenta Tigers Supra Pimps

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Factory413 is Hiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FACTORY413 is currently in the market for a part-time retail sales assistant. Qualified applicants for this dream job should live in the L.A. area, possess previous retail experience, excellent customer service skills, knowledge of Mac and PC platforms and above all, the desire to work in a fast-paced and creative retail environment. This is an hourly position, with additional compensation coming your way in the form of product and discounts from both KR3W and Supra.
Internship positions may also be available for students currently enrolled in fashion/apparel/marketing related programs, so if you’re a student in the area don’t be afraid to hit us up as well.
We’re looking top fill this spot soon, so get it together and send your resume over to before Wednesday, February 10 in order to be considered.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Supra Lost Size 9 ABC White Gold Vaider 1/50 Pairs

2 questions.

Can you feel the hype?

Did you watch the Season Premiere or lost?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Supra Vaider X Lost 1/50 quickstrike limited release Supra shoe sneaker

It's official White Vaider Crackle limited to 50 pairs will be released in 1-2 hours at Factory413

These come with a special script dedicated to LOST on ABC which premieres tonight.

And an Expose coffee mug

Plot: (I'm stuck on an island and I don't know why)

Go cop!!!!!!

Lost 1/50 Pairs Supra Skytop Cutler Vaider Skytop 2 Aoki 2 Quickstrike

Via Supra head Ben Ballers blog:

Supra heads have not received any official word yet but the rumor is Supra is releasing a Skytop Cutler Vaider Skytop 2 Aoki 2 limited to 50 pairs at

I'm guessing it's gonna be the Acid wash Skytop/Aoki2!

Hopefully it's not just a simple Supra Cuban.

Today's Supra Skytop Deal of the Day!

Supra - Skytop (Acid Wash Denim) - Footwear

Supra - Skytop (Acid Wash Denim) - Footwear is proud to offer the Supra - Skytop (Acid Wash Denim) - Footwear: Designed by Chad Muska. ; Vulcanized gum rubber outsole. ; Extra heel protection molded into comfortable high memory polyurethane insole. ; SupraFoam mid sole providing entire footbed impact resistance, optimal shoe flex, and board feel. ; Internal neoprene toe cap and vamp for toe protection. ; Elastic tongue straps and thin padding with ankle support. ; 5.50 shaft height. ; 13.00 circumference. ; 15.00oz.

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