Friday, December 4, 2009

Supra Skytop 2 NYC Training Camp Release

Shout out to Wavellx/Roscoe via for representing NYC appropriately.

i Was First in Line
Got ther 9am
got 2 meet Chad at 6pm
it was worth the wait

this was the view
its really beautiful in da city

wale the rapper passed by for a few [He sings nike boots. google it if u dont kno]

jus about 10am

then this crazy bitch came.
she was a chatter box lol

She was cool after a while tho
she even offered a peice of her big ass sandwich lol

jus about 1030 going on 11
arpus_ex is on the rite.

Evry1 loved the mask!

Me and king breaker17

Me and Planetlynx



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