Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Supra Skytop 3 already?

[quote="hypekills187"]just saw the skytop 3 samples today.. total different direction compaired to the original skytop and the skytop 2..[/quote]

[quote]kr3w clothing and supra footwear
Today i viewed Kr3w clothing and Supra footwears line for next season. There were many suprises in the line.

It seems geared more towards dress clothing and very fasion conscious. Its steering away from basic T-shirts and heading towards button downs, premium T-shirts, coats, knitted sweaters, and salvaged denim. Even the shoes have made a drastic change in a way that you wouldnt expect a skate company to go.

Many people are anticipating the Chad Muska Skytop 3.. There are no pictures leaked yet and from what i hear Supra is keeping this shoes a big secret until a week before they release.

I saw the sapmple today and they look like a blend of a jordan, a skate shoe, and a nike presto shoe.

I wasnt allowed to take pics of them so you will just have to wait. sorry.[/quote]From what we read here, the Skytop 3 is going to look super different.
Thank God.

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Today's Supra Skytop Deal of the Day!

Supra - Skytop (Acid Wash Denim) - Footwear

Supra - Skytop (Acid Wash Denim) - Footwear is proud to offer the Supra - Skytop (Acid Wash Denim) - Footwear: Designed by Chad Muska. ; Vulcanized gum rubber outsole. ; Extra heel protection molded into comfortable high memory polyurethane insole. ; SupraFoam mid sole providing entire footbed impact resistance, optimal shoe flex, and board feel. ; Internal neoprene toe cap and vamp for toe protection. ; Elastic tongue straps and thin padding with ankle support. ; 5.50 shaft height. ; 13.00 circumference. ; 15.00oz.

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